Diabetes Symptoms is a medical condition in which the body cannot control blood sugar. The pancreas produces a hormone called insulin, which controls the sugar level in the body. In a diabetic, insulin levels fall or stop producing completely, which increases glucose levels and leads to many complications. Sugar level fluctuations, if left unchecked, can result in a number of health complications. There are many types of diabetes, including type 1, type 2, gestational diabetes and juvenile diabetes. Some of the main symptoms are many and can be easily identify with a series of test.

Gestational diabetes Symptoms identify

This particular type of diabetes is diabetes that occurs during pregnancy. Many women do not usually have diabetes before pregnancy, but they can develop this condition during their period. This is call gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes can decrease or disappear completely after birth. Here, the woman’s blood sugar level is very high during pregnancy. Certain symptoms accordingly of gestational diabetes can be easily identify through a series of tests that your gynecologist will prescribe. It is always necessary to undergo the full range of prescribed tests to get a safe pregnancy. Pregnant women should be careful not to have diabetes-related medical problems accordingly to ensure a safe birth.

This type of diabetes occurs in non-diabetic women when insulin produce by the pancreas is no longer use incorrectly. About three to six percent of pregnant women are affect by gestational diabetes. It begins in the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy and usually disappears after birth. The symptoms of gestational diabetes are easily identify with the help of your doctor. In gestational diabetes, the effect of insulin is partially block by other hormones produce during pregnancy. This process is know as insulin resistance. As the placenta grow in the uterus, more hormone are produce that increase insulin resistance.

Any woman can develop this type of diabetes. However, some women are at high risk:
• Pregnant women over thirty years.
• Obese women and women with a family history of diabetes are at high risk.
• Women who have previously had complications during childbirth.
Excessive amniotic fluid in women can cause gestational diabetes.
• If the previous pregnancy was also a gestational diabetes condition.
• Women who have high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Symptoms of this type of diabetes

Pregnant women who experience obesity, hunger, thirst, recurrent vaginal infections, and excessive urination are prone to gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes is find using a test call glucose tolerance. This test is perform from week 24 to week 28 of pregnancy. If the doctor suspects that the pregnant woman is at risk of developing symptoms of gestational diabetes, he may consider prescribing the test in the thirteenth week. The glucose accordingly test includes drinking a sugar solution and drawing blood from the vein after one hour. If the test is positive and shows sugar levels above normal levels, the woman in question may be treated for gestational diabetes. With proper care and support, this condition can be overcome and a safe delivery can be ensure.


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