So far, no formula has been design that allow a person to detect that they have diabetes. There are still some alarming signs of diabetes. These warning bells can be use correctly to diagnose this deadly disease. Below are the top 11 diabetic symptoms. These signs of diabetes can help anyone diagnose the weather. You will be the next to add to this growing population of diabetics.

Use of accumulated fat and protein mass.

– Do you lose weight without trying? The person’s body weight is directly related to the occurrence of the symptoms of diabetes. You must have seen that diabetics are generally overweight or obese. As soon as signs of diabetes begin to appear, such a person begins to lose weight. Although the person makes no attempt to lose weight, they suddenly notice a change in their body weight. This weight loss occurs due to the use of accumulated fat and protein mass. This fat mass is use for energy production, which the body’s cell could not otherwise produce due to a lack of insulin.

– Have you had polyuria? Is the problem also call frequent urination? Excessive urination is the classic symptom of diabetes. This classic symptom of diabetes begins to appear when the body can not absorb water again. The kidneys need to remove extra water from the body to dilute the glucose concentration in the urine. This excess water extracted by the kidneys forces the diabetic person to make further trips to the bathroom.

– Do you experience an insatiable thirst? Polyuria results in an unquenchable thirst. Dehydration is due to excessive urination. The diabetic person feels an insatiable thirst due to the body’s impulse to replace the water it has lost due to the osmotic activity of the kidneys.

Excessive breakdown of body tissues

– Do you experience unusual hunger? Diabetics are force to eat due to excessive breakdown of body tissue. The body’s cells undergo a state of starvation if left to the chronic symptoms of diabetes.

The narrative symptoms of diabetes are mention above. These are the leading warning signs on diabetes that inform a person that they are driving away from the healthy path to the stony path of diabetes. So if anyone is experiencing the signs of diabetes mention above, it is important that they be screen for diabetes use the best diabetes test supply.

Some other symptoms of diabetes include:
– Blurry vision
The tingling and numbness of the extremities
– Recurrent yeast infection in women
– Erectile dysfunction in men.
– fatigue
– Slow healing wounds
– Depression and mood swings.

Gestational Diabetes Symptoms and Its Care

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